Communicate With Your Mind

Hypnotic Audios

Be Your Ideal Weight

30-day Programme

A 30-Day Transformational Programme to Be Your Ideal Weight. Listen to my powerful hypnotic audio for 18 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days to reprogram your subconscious mind and transform your eating habits.

Become motivated to make healthier choices naturally and enjoy a healthy, relaxed relationship with food and your body.

*Please be advised Hypnosis is unsuitable for those with epilepsy and psychotic illness.


"I've stopped thinking about food 24/7, feel lighter, happier."


"Wow it's amazing, lost 6lbs already!"


"Clothes are fitting better, I'm fitter & more positive."


Sleep Well Hypnotic Audio

21-day Programme

If you are struggling to get to sleep or find yourself waking in the night unable to get back to sleep, this is for you. Simply listen to my Sleep Well Hypnotic Audio for 20 minutes before bed or if you wake up in the night The recording has an accumulative effect, so I'd advise listening for a minimum of 21 days to receive the full benefits.

If you wake up during the night listen again to retrain your body to effortlessly fall back to sleep.

Click on the link below to register for your copy. Once you've registered, you will receive a copy of Samantha Goddard's Sleep Well Hypnotic Audio Recording via WhatsApp and guidance via email. The recording will talk you into a deeply relaxed state.

Its duration is approximately 20 minutes long. Please be advised Hypnosis is unsuitable for those with epilepsy and psychotic illness.


"It certainly works, your voice is soothing, and I rarely hear the end!"


"It's helping immensely, I haven't slept so well in ages. I'm calmer during the day and feel much more in control."


"I feel calmer and more able to deal with stuff and not getting stressed."


Feel Calm & At Ease

30-day Programme

If you are stuck in a heightened state of anxiety, use this hypnotic audio to help you feel calmer and back in control of your thoughts and feelings.

This Hypnotic Audio is for adults feeling worried, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed. It will help you to take back control from negative looping thoughts and reconnect you to your powerful ability to create better thoughts.

You'll be able to downregulate your nervous system, release tension from your body and let go of unhelpful thoughts. Whilst being shown how to dialogue with mind in a more constructive way.

The mind learns by repetition, so it's important you listen every day for at least 30 days.


Clutter Clearing Masterclass

One hour video & printouts

If you feel a bit "all over the place," with a mind like spaghetti, if you're frequently late and keep procrastinating. It's highly likely your home is reflecting this chaotic state. Your outer environment is a mirror of what is going on internally.

I am all about transformation, specialising in well-being, weight loss & great health. Clutter clearing comes under this umbrella. In my Clutter Clearing Masterclass I talk about how weight loss, feeling stuck and clutter are related.

If you are ready to make space for new opportunities to come into your life, improve your focus, and feel more organised. Register now for my unique one-hour masterclass.

Learn how your clutter keeps you stuck in the past and affects how you feel. Includes a brief intro to Feng Shui. Get my top tips on preparation, so you can avoid overwhelm, frustration and simply moving clutter from one area to another.

Feel inspired to get started and release huge amounts of energy and increase your motivation.

"Instead of becoming overwhelmed and frustrated I just got started!"


"Who knew clutter clearing would be so therapeutic."